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Metadata/tag mapping between FLAC, mp3, and UPnP/DLNA, Is there a standard? What does fb2k do?
post Jul 31 2013, 13:52
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This is not just a foobar2k question - please don't move this thread to the fb2k forums.

tl/dr: Does anyone know of a standard or quasi-standard of how metadata can be mapped between various tagging schemes (Vorbis comments, ID3, UPnP/DLNA, etc)?

Having tried to figure out sensible filenames, I realised that I don't know what I'm doing with tags either. I rip to FLAC, and convert to mp3. Because I use the mp3s more, I usually find tag errors in the mp3s first, but flac2mp3 has the potential to makes it easier to keep both collections in-sync.

The problem is, I want to understand what's happening (and what "should" happen) to the tags on their way from FLAC (Flac tags = Vorbis comments), to mp3 (ID3v2.3 or ID3v2.4) to a UPnP/DLNA server.

Knowing that the tags have a good probability of working and making sense whatever mp3 player or DLNA renderer I might use in the future is important. I don't want to keep messing around with them. Hence my desire to understand how they work and map.

I've found some useful information on-line, but not the whole story:

mp3tag has a helpful list...

fb2k has a list of displayed tag names vs id2v3+4 mp3 tags...
...and a list of ways it now knowingly breaks the standard...

The description of Vorbis comments starts here...
...with the list here...
...newer additions here...
...and a useful guide here...

I can't find an on-line list of how fb2k maps Vorbis Comments to ID3. Is there one?

In dBpoweramp, if I dive deeply into the menus, there are options for changing how tags are mapped and named on screen. I can't find an on-line list that states what the defaults are.

Asset UPnP, Serviio, and some other DLNA/UPnP servers have options to try to make things work properly with various clients. My stuff tends to be thrown at Twonky and I had no idea what it was doing but found this on line...

I've heard of (but not tried) MinimServer which tries to make the tags needed for classical music work properly.

The intricacies of making various things work is played out in full on the Linn forums, though thankfully they share some of the things they have created.

That's all I can find. Anyone have any other useful links?

Is there a "standard", or does everyone just try to figure it out for themselves?

It would also be nice to find documentation of the compatibility and quirks. e.g. for multiple values, do you add multiple tags or one tag with a specific delimiter etc. and e.g. what works on various players.

If anyone spots any flying pigs, feel free to mention that as well wink.gif .


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post Oct 11 2013, 23:31
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Made a tiny tweak, the tables columns are now sortable.

Looking back at your previous comments....
1. With multiple tables you can't really make the columns be the same width as previous columns, the content in the cells dictate the width.
2. Hiding columns, if various formats/standards are added then the table will just get wider and wider, very little one can do about that I'm afraid.

Technically it's possible to
1. Force a column width, but this would cause text wrapping making some rows double or triple height if unlucky. And the table would get bigger without actually adding any to the content.
2. No idea if the Wiki support this (the HA wiki may not be the same as Wikipedia for example, nor may it have all the plugins or whatnot, or it might even have different plugins), hiding columns might be possible, but I know very little about Wiki formatting/syntax.

An alternative would be to use some other form of technology, some form of spreadsheet (or does Wiki have a actual spreadsheet thing that can be used?) Would a Google Spreadsheet work better? I really don't know.
Ideally something should be OOo or LibreOffice spreadsheet compatible.

Unless a Wiki guru is around, the wiki is actually possibly holding this project back (it was never designed for multi-contributor spreadsheet stuff, heck Wiki was never designed for spreadsheet stuff at all)

Anyway, I'm rambling. I was just going to quickly post and say I made all table columns sortable since it was so easy to do/add (check the version comparison and you'll see why).

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