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What bitrate do you use? (MP3, AAC, Vorbis, Opus etc.), music, speech, streaming.
What bitrate do you use?
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post Feb 3 2013, 21:10
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Hi, Everybody,

This poll (as some other) is created to collect some data of general tendency in use of audio codecs for a different purposes and contents.

Basicly it contains 3 following questions:

1 - What bitrate do You encode a music to MP3 at?
2 - What bitrate do You encode a music to post-MP3 codecs ([HE-]AAC, Vorbis, Opus and other) at?
3 - What bitrate do You use for a such purposes like encoding a speech, streaming (radio,podcasting) with a post-MP3 codecs like (HE-)AAC, Vorbis, Opus and other.

Feel free to comment your particular preferences.

Thank You.

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post Aug 26 2013, 07:27
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I actually do a lot of music encoding, most of it is intended for broadcast, or high quality storage.

I've been talking about my problems and solutions with recording very long recordings on this forum, one or two people might remember...

So when I do recordings intended for broadcast, I try to encode into FLAC whenever possible and then post-recode them into whatever is suitable (I'm beginning to move to mostly Opus ready-sets, but that's gonna take a few years). The bog standard is still MP3. And that isn't a bad thing, MP3 isn't a bad codec or anything.

For me, capacity constrains are - or have never been to this point - a problem, I could very well max-out the MP3 recordings at 320kbps, but that would be nonsensical.

The limiting factors are the recording equipment, that is, the transducers or ADCs used in the setup. The second thing to keep in mind is the ease of playing back a recording, and seeking in a track, I usually go back to CBR and use 196kbps and be good with it. It's the best of those three worlds. It kinda caps at the maximum the recording equipment gives me, when the encoder gets the data. Also, it works without problems on older players and it is even quite space saving.

The broadcasting itself is being remodeled for Opus. It works already, but testing is a slow process, and we absolutely have to make sure, we don't break anything that's running well as it is. What kind of quality settings I'm gonna use in the end, I cannot say that. the process will not be finished until the end of this year, but you might imagine: It has to match the quality settings of the recordings.

I was - actually I was forced to - look into encoding into AAC. It was pretty pointless, and to be honest, I was almost annoyed by it, since it didn't work well with the rest of the DSP filter software. Anyway, I implemented transcoding into AAC at one point, but I don't remember the quality settings. I've since moved to developing a new DSP stack, which incorporates Opus.

When it comes to speech, I tend to use the same settings as I do for music, as we don't do "just" speech, it's usually mixed with some background music or whatever. But we are experimenting with very low audio compression for news casting. It is around 32kbps Ogg/Opus, but my personal Gremlin that I'm feeding and growing in my secret basement, is Codec2. If we ever succeed to produce a ~1.2kbps Codec2 stream for news, that would be just awesome.

I don't know if my rant helps at all. For personal use, I never do music encoding, I just listen to Youtube videos or things on Spotify.

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